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Get rid of ants in your home today! Serving Charlotte, Huntersville, Davidson, Concord and surrounding areas.

It’s the time of year for ants to invade your home. Even though ants are a small pest they can cause your huge problems. Ant colonies can number in the thousands and can find their way into your home through the tiniest cracks. Once they find an entry point into your home they leave a scent trail for the rest of the colony to follow, thus, causing the ant “migration” in the form of the long trail you sometimes see invading your living space.

Effective treatment consists of finding the nest and the treatment must penetrate and destroy the unseen nest which could be under your home, in the walls, or in the foundation.  It’s the only way to eliminate the colony and prevent ants from returning.

Ant problem? No problem for Charlotte’s local area ant control pest professionals!

Ants in your kitchen or bathroom? Across marching across your deck with your interior space their goal? Have you seen them relentlessly crawling through a damp basement? It’s time to call Charlotte’s local pest experts at McNeely Pest Control. Contact our local Charlotte office for a free ant remediation pest control inspection today! We serve the greater Charlotte area including Huntersville, Davidson and Concord, and throughout North Carolina with professional ant treatments from our highly qualified staff of pest control professionals.

Call us today for any pest control or ant issues you may have around your home! Free inspections and low cost annual maintenance plans available.

Call the trusted local pest control professionals in Charlotte – McNeely Pest Control!

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