Conventional vs. Heat Treatment

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Conventional vs. Heat Treatment Bed Bug Control

McNeely Pest Control has long been the local experts in bed bug control for Winston-SalemGreensboroCharlotteHigh PointAshevilleBooneLexington, and Mt.Airy  and we stay apprised of the latest technology to ensure our customers get the most effective extermination possible.

As bed bug infestations become more common, we often get questions regarding conventional vs. heat treatment bed bug control and thought we’d explain the difference between the two methods:

Conventional vs. Heat treatment Bed Bug Control

Conventional Bed Bug Control Preparation:

Because bed bugs and their larvae are considered cryptic insects, i.e. they have very effective methods of hiding, extreme measures must be taken to prepare for and treat the infestation, and extensive follow-up measures are required.
Before each conventional bed bug control treatment:

  • All clothing, linens, etc. in the home must be washed and dried prior to each treatment, then sealed in zippered storage bags for maximum safety.
  • Beds must be stripped, with mattresses and box springs exposed.
  • All surfaces must be vacuumed, with special attention paid to cracks, crevices and baseboards.
  • All artwork should be removed from walls.
  • All clutter must be eliminated and bagged, and any loose magazines and newspapers should be thrown away.
  • All drawers in the home must be opened and emptied of any clothing.

Conventional Bed Bug Control Treatment:

  • Insecticides will be thoroughly administered in every area of the home from top to bottom, including furniture, beds, mattresses, closets, kitchen areas, etc.
  • The home must be evacuated for a minimum of 4 hours.

Conventional Bed Bug Control Follow-up:

  • All mattresses and boxsprings must be encased.
  • Most if not all conventional bed bug control measures require a minimum of two-to-three follow-up inspections and subsequent insecticide treatments.
  • Each additional treatment will require the complete preparation routine to be repeated for maximum effectiveness.

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Control Preparation:

  • All surfaces must be vacuumed, with special attention paid to cracks, crevices and baseboards.
  • All household items should be exposed, i.e. drawers opened, closet doors ajar, etc.
  • All clutter should be put away, and unused magazines and newspapers disposed of.

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Control Administration:

  • Your home will be heated to a temperature of at least 120 degrees for a minimum of five hours to ensure complete heat penetration and elimination of bed bugs and their larvae.
  • You will be able to return to your home the same evening.

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Control Follow-up:

At least one additional inspection will be necessary to ensure the heat treatment’s effectiveness.

While we prefer and recommend the latter between conventional vs. heat treatment bed bug control, there are unique and varying situations where it may not be practical. In those cases, a combination of conventional methods, steam treatments, fumigation and vacuuming will be used.

To learn more about conventional vs. heat treatment bed bug control call one of our offices in Winston-SalemGreensboroCharlotteHigh PointAshevilleBooneLexingtonMt.Airy . Call McNeely Pest Control today with any questions, or to request a free inspection!

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