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The recent resurgence of bed bug infestations has many North Carolina homeowners looking for an effective way to get rid of these pests. At McNeely Pest Control, we use the most proven method of bed bug extermination and elimination: Temp Air Thermal Remediation.

Bed bug free: Five hours. 120 degrees. Guaranteed.

There are many tools for eliminating bed bugs, including liquid and dry residual insecticides, vacuum cleaners, steam equipment and even extreme measures like fumigation. Unfortunately, these conventional bed bug treatments often require multiple trips and extensive application of insecticide. The Temp Air heat treatment gets rid of bed bugs quickly by using hot, ambient air to kill the insects in all stages of development, from eggs to adult.

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During the heat treatment, we use specialized heaters to raise your home’s temperature to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point bed bugs are unable to survive. McNeely’s  pest technicians maintain this temperature inside your home for five hours, ensuring that the heat has reached every surface and crevice, including the wall voids in which bed bugs often live.


Canine scent detection for bed bugs

McNeely Pest Control also utilizes highly trained scent detection dogs to inspect homes before and after bed bug heat treatments. Dogs’ sensitive sense of smell make them uniquely suited to Bed-Bug-Dogs-2016detect bed bugs at a much higher rate of accuracy than human inspection alone.

Introducing our newest team member Bonnie the bedbug dog!

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Get rid of bed bugs today!

While bed bugs favor beds and mattresses, they can live anywhere inside your home. These pests can also go long periods of time without feeding, making the infestation appear to be eliminated only to come back full force. Bed bug infestations are an unsettling, persistent problem best handled by a professional exterminator.

If you’ve found bed bugs inside your home, it’s time for a heat remediation treatment from McNeely Pest Control. We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right – contact us today for an inspection and for more information concerning our bed bug elimination programs! We get rid of bed bugs in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and throughout the Piedmont, as well as Northwest portions of South Carolina and Southwest portions of Virginia.

For more information concerning bed bugs and their biology, refer to the NC State University Insect Notes on Bed Bugs. To view health related information, refer to Web MD’s Bed Bug Treatment Slide Show.

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