Sentricon® Always Active™ Termite Control

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Sentricon® Always Active™ Termite Control for Greensboro & Winston-Salem

What’s better than fast, effective termite elimination? Stopping a termite problem before it starts. And there’s no better protection than the new Sentricon® System with Always Active termite control technology! McNeely Pest Control is proud to offer this innovative termite elimination system to residential and commercial clients in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and throughout the Triangle, as well as Northwest portions of North Carolina and Southwest portions of Virginia.

Get the ultimate in termite protection and total termite colony elimination — call McNeely Pest Control today!

Advantages of the Always Active Termite Baiting System

What makes the Sentricon Always Active system so effective? It uses Sentricon’s new Recruit® HD termite bait, an industry-leading innovation that has proven to be longer-lasting and more effective than comparable termiticides.

What are the advantages of Sentricon’s Always Active system with Recruit HD termite bait?

  • Highly durable Recruit HD bait stands up to a tough environment, meaning it offers continual, 24/7 protection from termites
  • Termites feed on Recruit HD termiticide and share it with their colony, enabling total termite colony elimination
  • Termites actually prefer Recruit HD over wood, allowing Sentricon stations to draw termites away from your home
  • The active ingredient in Recruit HD termite bait is registered with the EPA under the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative

When you choose McNeely for total termite control, one of our Greensboro and Winston-Salem area pest control technicians will install Sentricon stations in strategic locations and equip them with Recruit HD termite bait. After initial installation, we’ll come back periodically to monitor the Sentricon system for termite activity and to maintain a constant supply of the Recruit HD bait.

 Call McNeely for Total Termite Prevention & Elimination!

Stop termite damage before it starts — ask McNeely to install the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology for the best in termite control and prevention! Our Greensboro and Winston-Salem termite elimination specialists are proud to offer this innovative new system for homes as well as commercial properties. Contact McNeely Pest Control today to learn more about the new Sentricon Always Active termite colony elimination system.


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