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Termidor® HE: Efficient Termite Control for Greensboro & Winston-Salem

Need fast, effective elimination of an active termite colony? For over a decade, Termidor® has set the standard for total termite elimination — and with the introduction of new Termidor HE termiticide, getting rid of termites has never been easier.

For the most effective termite elimination services in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC, call McNeely today to learn more about our Termidor HE termite control system.

The Termidor® HE Difference

The most effective termiticide is now the most efficient! Termidor HE (high efficiency) redefines termiticide application time, volume, precision and labor. With the introduction of new molecular technology, Termidor has streamlined the liquid termiticide application process — creating an Enhanced Protection Zone around your home in less time and with more efficient treatment application.

Advantages of this new Termidor termite control system include:

  • Smaller & shallower trenches – Less soil needs to be removed and replaced in order for Termidor HE’s active ingredient to work
  • Less water – During application, Termidor HE requires approximately half the amount of water as other termite treatment systems
  • Fewer drill holes – During application, Termidor HE requires approximately 30% fewer drill holes on your property

With Termidor HE’s new features, you get the pest control industry’s most effective termite elimination treatments — now with greater efficiency, less chemical application and minimal disturbance to your property.

Call McNeely: Greensboro & Winston-Salem’s Termidor Experts

If you suspect that there may be an active termite colony on your property, it’s time to take action — call McNeely Pest Control! We’re proud to offer the innovative new Termidor HE termite control system to residential and commercial customers across the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and throughout the Piedmont, as well as Northwest portions of North Carolina and Southwest portions of Virginia.


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