Mosquitoes in Winston-Salem NC - McNeely Pest ControlAre you a “mosquito magnet?” Some people report being bitten by mosquitoes far more often than others, and it appears that mosquitoes do indeed favor certain kinds of people over others, but experts are yet to narrow down the exact reasons why. However, we do know the indicators that mosquitoes use to find people to feed on in general, and being aware of these signals can help you avoid mosquito bites going forward. To learn more about mosquito preferences, host detection, and avoiding bites, read on for advice from the mosquito exterminators at McNeely Pest Control in Winston-Salem NC!

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Certain People Rather Than Others?

Some people are clearly more susceptible to mosquito bites than others, but experts haven’t yet come to any solid conclusions on the specific reasons as to why. What we do know is that mosquitoes use a select few sensory signals to identify potential hosts nearby, and some of our behavior can amplify those signals. These three factors attract mosquitoes to humans:

  1. Breath: When humans exhale, we release carbon dioxide into the air that is picked up by specialized receptors on the female mosquito. The more effort you exert, the more carbon dioxide you exhale, attracting mosquitoes in your vicinity.
  2. Body odor: Getting active outdoors also attracts mosquitoes by signaling your presence through your body odor. Perspiration tips off mosquitoes to people close by.
  3. Temperature: Following this theme, exercise will increase your internal body temperature, letting off yet another signal to mosquitoes that an eligible host is in the area.

How Do You Avoid Mosquito Bites Reliably?

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to avoid mosquitoes in the spring and summer around Winston-Salem and Greensboro. However, there are three strategies you can take to lessen your chances of being bitten:

  • Look out for standing water: Spring rainwater that pools up in your gutters, planter boxes, or elsewhere on your property will provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Inspect your property for still water and pour out all of it that you find.
  • Choose the right clothes: Dark clothing will trap heat close to your body and increase your internal temperature, giving off a signal to mosquitoes. Wearing white or light-colored clothing is a smart choice to make. Pants and long sleeves will really do the trick, but it’s understandable to not want to cover up in the warmer months.
  • Use a safe bug spray: EPA-approved insect repellents will keep you safe from bites for hours, especially if they contain DEET or picaridin. You can also try lemon eucalyptus and citronella oil for an all-natural option.

Professional Mosquito Exterminators in Winston-Salem NC

If your at-home mosquito prevention tricks aren’t working for you, reach out to your local mosquito control experts at McNeely Pest Control. Our team of mosquito exterminators can set up an optimized barrier treatment made specifically for your property to stop mosquitoes from breeding and keep them away for months at a time. To learn more about mosquito barrier treatments or to get started with service, contact us today!

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