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The Next Level in Effective Bed Bug Inspection: The Bed Bug Dog Team

When it comes to battling bed bugs  McNeely Pest Control always stays ahead of the curve. That’s why we choose to offer the latest weapon in the war against bed bugs—the bed bug dog method of bed bug detection.

Traditional Bed Bug Detection Can’t Measure UpUno - Our newest bed bud dog with Marley

While human inspections remain a common method of bed bug inspection, recent studies have shown that as many as 50% of bed bugs could remain undetected, especially in low populations.

That’s because bed bugs are notoriously hard to find by even well-trained technicians, as they can hide in spaces as thin as a credit card. In addition, human bed bug inspection is notoriously long and labor intensive, with most appointments taking a good portion of the day and racking up hourly labor costs.



K-9 Bed Bug Detection Offers Unmatched Effectiveness, Peace of Mind

Our bed bug dogs are specifically trained to find and highlight even the most hard-to-detect bed bugs, with an accuracy rate thOne of our new bed bug dogsat consistently tops 95%. Our bed bug dog and handler are certified to provide the most consistent and thorough inspection possible. That allows us to best assess your infestation level and prescribe the most effective bed bug treatment for your space.




To learn more about our bed bug dog service and how it can help you rid your home or commercial space of bed bugs once and for all, call McNeely Pest Control today with any questions.


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