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Wildlife Control – Exclusion & Removal

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Winston-Salem’s Wildlife Control Experts

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There are all sorts of wild animals that we designate as nuisance wildlife here in Winston-Salem. While it can be pleasant to have some wild animals around, too many can become a bother or even create potential for health concerns or property damage. When animals find their way onto your property, they can damage structures and landscapes and expose you to diseases through their saliva or waste. If you're dealing with wildlife problems right now, reach out to a professional pest control expert. McNeely Pest Control, Inc offers a wildlife control service that involves both prevention and exclusion on top of humane wildlife removal, creating worry-free protection for your family and pets.

Wildlife Management Solutions

You shouldn’t have to be in a constant state of unease due to wildlife problems around your home or business. Property damage caused by wildlife can be expensive to repair, and no one wants to be concerned for a raccoon attack when they let their pets out into their yard. If wild animals have found a home on your property, it’s best to contact a wildlife removal expert. At McNeely Pest Control, Inc, our team of wildlife control experts will thoroughly inspect your property to craft a comprehensive control plan.

Wildlife Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Wildlife Pest Control Process

Even though most wild animals living in Winston-Salem NC are more scared of you than you are of them, it’s never safe to try to remove wildlife from your property by your self. At McNeely Pest Control, Inc, our wildlife removal experts have the tools and expertise to effectively remove wildlife around your home, whether they have snuck into your walls or are nesting in your yard. Our wildlife removal technicians will take the following steps to keep your home safe from wildlife:

  1. Our team will inspect your property, looking for evidence of wildlife and sources of infestation.
  2. We will place trapping systems and follow other exclusion methods to humanely remove and relocate any animals.
  3. We will provide continual wildlife management and post-treatment prevention tips to help you avoid future wildlife issues.

Animal Wildlife Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Your Commercial Property Wildlife-Free

Having an outbreak of wildlife on your commercial property can be hugely detrimental to your business. Wildlife problems can be stressful for your staff and discourage customers from coming in. This can end up in lost business, poor reviews, and even temporary shutdowns. McNeely Pest Control, Inc understands how animals like raccoons, squirrels, and bats function and can provide solutions to remove and control wildlife infestations in your business in Winston-Salem NC.

With over 20 years of critter control experience, we have the experience to keep wildlife away from your business year-round.


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We use McNeely’s quarterly pest prevention program and we so pleased with the service that they provide. The communication and professionalism of their technicians is awesome. Technician Brett has been providing us with great service and he is so friendly and helpful to answer any questions for us. I would happily recommend their service to anyone. Thanks for your awesome service and technicians.

– Robert J

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