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Beetle Exterminators – Control & Removal

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A beetle infestation may not always be the most serious pest problem, but beetles can become a serious nuisance for homes and businesses around Winston-Salem NC. From Asian lady beetles to powderpost beetles, these bugs can trouble us in many different ways. Because beetles can be tough to get rid of without professional help, it's always best to work with your local beetle exterminators. The team at McNeely Pest Control, Inc has over 20 years of experience in beetle control. Our services can keep your residential or commercial property beetle-free all year long.

Beetle Pest Control Solutions

Having a beetle or two in your home isn’t usually a problem, but their numbers can quickly reach uncontrollable levels if you leave your infestation unattended. Some kinds of beetles will feed on fabrics and other materials that they can find inside your home, and others will infest your pantry or bore through the wooden structures of your building. No matter what kind of beetles you’re dealing with, we have the tools to eliminate beetle infestations in even the most inconspicuous areas.

Beetle Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Beetle Extermination Process

Beetles will enter homes through furniture, firewood, packages, goods from the grocery store, and more. Because they are able to find ways into our house that the average person would never expect, it’s important to have a trained eye assess your home to find the source of your beetle infestation. When you’re dealing with a lot of beetles and you want them gone fast, reach out to the experts at McNeely Pest Control, Inc. We’ll take the following steps to keep your home safe from beetle infestations:

  1. Our team will complete a thorough property inspection to determine your infestation’s source and the beetle species.
  2. We will determine the right beetle control products and exclusion methods to go forward with.
  3. As necessary, we will return with DIY beetle control advice and preventative maintenance to keep your home beetle-free.

Beetle Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Beetles Out of Your Commercial Property

It’s important to keep beetles out of your business, especially if you run a food establishment or manufacturing facility. Beetles can contaminate food and packaged ingredients, leading to food recalls or even a halt in operations. In service-oriented businesses, having beetles scurrying around on the floors can turn away customers, cause poor reviews, and damage your reputation. This is why McNeely Pest Control, Inc has been providing effective and eco-friendly beetle pest control for businesses for over 20 years.

Our beetle exterminators have what it takes to keep all kinds of nuisance beetles off of your commercial property.


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We use McNeely’s quarterly pest prevention program and we so pleased with the service that they provide. The communication and professionalism of their technicians is awesome. Technician Brett has been providing us with great service and he is so friendly and helpful to answer any questions for us. I would happily recommend their service to anyone. Thanks for your awesome service and technicians.

– Robert J

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