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Bed Bug Exterminators – Control & Removal

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Winston-Salem’s Bed Bug Control Experts

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Bed bugs can be one of the most stress-inducing pests to deal with—they keep us up at night, and it's hard to know if you've gotten rid of every last one of them. Unfortunately, their numbers are climbing in every corner of the country. These minuscule insects spread easily, feed off human blood, and are nearly impossible to completely get rid of without the help of a bed bug exterminator. At McNeely Pest Control, Inc, our bed bug control team has what it takes to keep bed bugs out of your home or business in the Winston-Salem area year-round.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

There are many tools for eliminating bed bugs, including liquid and dry residual insecticides, vacuum cleaners, steam equipment and even extreme measures like fumigation. Unfortunately, these conventional bed bug treatments often require multiple trips and extensive application of insecticide. 

Our Temp Air heat treatment gets rid of bed bugs quickly by using hot, ambient air to kill the insects in all stages of development, from eggs to adult. If you’ve found bed bugs inside your home, it’s time for a heat remediation treatment from McNeely Pest Control. 

Bed Bug Control Services for YOUR HOME

Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

We have over 20 years of experience getting rid of bed bugs here at McNeely Pest Control, Inc. Our licensed and certified bed bug control team will take the following steps:

  1. We will conduct a complete property inspection to locate any bed bugs on the premises.
  2. From there, we will implement targeted treatments or housewide heat treatments as needed.
  3. After treatment, we will provide ongoing bed bug control and prevention tips to help you avoid future infestations on your own.

Bed Bug Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Commercial Property

Bed bugs don’t only affect homes in Winston-Salem NC, they also can infest businesses and commercial properties. Hotels are infamously vulnerable to bed bug infestations because of the amount of traffic and luggage coming in and out on a daily basis. By hiring McNeely Pest Control, Inc for routine inspections, you can protect your business from the perils of a bed bug infestation.

We understand that quick, discreet, and highly effective bed bug pest control is essential to preserving your business’ reputation.


McNeely Pest Control, Inc Reviews

We use McNeely’s quarterly pest prevention program and we so pleased with the service that they provide. The communication and professionalism of their technicians is awesome. Technician Brett has been providing us with great service and he is so friendly and helpful to answer any questions for us. I would happily recommend their service to anyone. Thanks for your awesome service and technicians.

– Robert J

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