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Pest & Wildlife Control and Air Sanitization Service of Boone/Banner Elk, NC

Now cleaning your environment with our air sanitization service. Call today for COVID-19 and Coronavirus sanitization service for your commercial facility or business /office environment.

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Bats, bed bugs and termites may seem like only a slight inconvenience to the untrained eye. What’s truly frightening are the unseen damages caused by the lingering effects of inadequate pest and wildlife management.

Residential Extermination Services

For years, McNeely Pest Control has provided unmatched pest and wildlife services to homeowners of Boone/Banner Elk, NC and surrounding areas. Regardless how advanced or wide-spread your infestation, our exterminators have the skill and expertise needed to rid your Boone/Banner Elk home of even the peskiest of critters.

Examples of the residential services we offer our Boone/Banner Elk clientele include:

Commercial Extermination Services

In addition to residential, McNeely Pest Control offers a wide range of commercial extermination services. From flying insect control, to on-site sanitation inspections, to regulatory compliance audits–our commercial extermination experts are guaranteed to provide fast, effective pest treatments.

Here are some other examples of our commercial pest and wildlife services:

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Don’t wait another day to rid your Boone/Banner Elk, NC home and business of its insect or animal infestation! Contact us at (336) 922-0606 or via email at info@mcneelypest.com to schedule a free, no obligation estimate today. Call now!


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