No, the woolly bear caterpillar can’t predict the upcoming winter, but it does indicate the harshness of the last one!

No, the woolly bear caterpillar can’t predict the upcoming winter, but it does indicate the harshness of the last one.

The folklore suggests the wider the bug’s brown ring, the milder the upcoming winter will be. However, those markings are more telling of the prior winter.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — From groundhogs to persimmons, there are numerous non-scientific ways to predict what kind of winter we’re going to have. The problem is these methods’ far-from-perfect track record for accuracy.

CAn the wooly worm predict weather?


Viewers Dennis and Jane Durham saw a post circulating Facebook and asked the VERIFY team to look into whether it’s true.

This question comes on the heels of North Carolina’s annual Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk. Organizers of the event cite the Woolly Bear’s 20-year accuracy streak. This year, the winning Woolly predicted a mild winter ahead.



No, Woolly Bear Caterpillars cannot predict the severity of the upcoming winter, but their coloring can indicate the harshness of the previous winter.


Biologist Frank Fowler said, “There have been a lot of studies, a lot of folklore, about the Woolly Bear, and no studies have ever concluded they actually predict future weather events.”

They can’t tell the future, but they can remind us of the past.

“The coloration and the length of the bands do have a correlation to how severe the previous winter was. When they’re born in the spring, they’re all black, and the more warm growing season they have, the wider that round rust-colored band becomes in the middle,” Fowler explained.

The National Weather Service notes the coloring indicates the age of the caterpillar. Each time it sheds its coat, it becomes redder. As for why the insects are so furry, Fowler said the coat protects them from freezing, down to -90 F.

Fowler said the Woolly Bear is a member of the Tiger Moth family, and although it’s a pest, it isn’t harmful. In fact, it might do you a favor and eat the weeds in your yard.

McNeely Team Wins Award At The PTAA Show!

McNeely Team Wins Most Original Display At The PTAA Show! Julie and Tyler did a great job representing our company!
Pictured are Julie Howe and Tyler Lowe at the PTAA show. The theme was “Game Night” and the game they chose was MouseTrap.
Mcneely Pest wins PIAA Tradeshow Award

McNeely Pest Sponsors Golf Tournament

McNeely Pest Control, Inc was delighted to be a sponsor in the High Point Christian Academy Golf Tournament.
Funds raised were reinvested back into the school.
Pictured: Jesse Lloyd, Jason Walton, Jim DeRue
McNeely Pest Control, Inc sponsors golf tourney

Wildlife in the City: Biodiversity in the Innovation Quarter

When you think of urban landscape, wildlife isn’t necessarily at the top of your mind. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there, lurking under the rocks and among the flowers, trees, and buildings of our inclusive concrete jungle.While the Innovation Quarter has redeveloped and rejuvenated old factories, the natural ecosystem of birds, mammals, and insects preserves a sense of vibrancy in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem. We have adapted to each other as entrepreneurs and community members, and we make sure that nature and greenspaces in the Innovation Quarter complement this development—as it’s something that larger cities may not experience.

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VERIFY: Lavender is an effective, natural mosquito repellent

Need to ‘scratch the itch’ but don’t want to spray greasy chemicals on your skin? Experts VERIFY lavender is an effective mosquito repellent.

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New Sign In Our Morganton Office!

We’ve just added a new sign to our Morganton office featuring the time and temperature! We thought it was a great addition to our office. Come by if you’re in the neighborhood and check out our hi tech sign and come in and say hello!

pest control Morganton NC


Pest control services in Morganton

McNeely Named Diamond Award Winner 2020-2021

McNeely Pest Control, Inc has been recognized as the recipient of the 2019-2020 Diamond Award for Interior Contractor Supplier Vendor Partner of the Year from the Piedmont Triad Apartment Association (PTAA).  The Diamond Award is presented to those vendors that continually display excellent performance while providing the required services of their industry.  The Piedmont Triad Apartment Association is the leading multi-family housing organization serving the Piedmont Triad Region.

For over 16 years, McNeely Pest Control, Inc has been an active member of the PTAA serving on the Products and Services Council, Trade Show Committee, and Echo Committees.  McNeely Pest Control, Inc continues to sponsor many PTAA events as well as volunteering/representing PTAA at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

McNeely Pest Control, Inc is a locally owned and operated pest and wildlife management firm that strives to provide environmentally responsible pest management.  McNeely offers many years of experience of providing superior pest and wildlife remediation services for clients in a wide variety of both commercial and residential settings.   McNeely’s highly trained employees are supported daily by a staff entomologist, biologist, and wildlife biologist.

McNeely Pest Control, Inc also specializes in both commercial and residential wildlife remediation with a team of North Carolina and Virginia certified Animal Damage Control agents on staff to solve any nuisance wildlife concerns.

Specialties of McNeely Pest Control, Inc are residential and commercial pest management including ants, carpenter ants and fire ants; crickets, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, wasp nests and all forms of stinging insects;  mice and rats;  termites, and wood destroying insect inspections for real estate transactions; wood boring beetles;  TAP attic insulation, closed crawl space installation, dehumidifier installation, roof ridge pest guards, mosquito, flea and tick control and wildlife remediation.

McNeely Pest Control, Inc provides service throughout central and western North Carolina, southern Virginia and upstate South Carolina.  The McNeely family has provided pest, termite and wildlife services for homes and businesses since 1944.  McNeely Pest Control, Inc is listed in the top 100 pest control companies in the United States by Pest Control Technologies.

McNeely Pest Named Diamond Award Winner

Pictured left to right

Jordan Myers, Eastern Regional Manager

Julie Howe, Account Executive

Tyler Lowe, Account Executive

Jim DeRue, Sales Director

McNeely Crawlspace Services

If you have an untreated crawlspace in your home call the professionals at McNeely Pest Control, Inc. We’ll turn your moldy, musty crawlspace into a clean and dry space that will help eliminate odors and pests from underneath your living space.


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