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There are many different ant species living around Winston-Salem NC. Because ants try to get into our homes in times of rapid weather changes, it’s hard to predict when your next ant outbreak will be. Given the sporadic nature of ant infestations, it’s important to keep your home protected from all kinds of ants throughout the year.

One of the most commonly ant-infested rooms in homes is the bathroom because ants can often find water, shelter, and even food there. If you’re dealing with ants in your bathroom, read on to learn how to get rid of them with the ant exterminators at McNeely Pest Control!

Why Are Ants Infesting My Bathroom?

Bathrooms are attractive to ants because of the consistent source of moisture and water pools that they provide. Water builds up in your shower, in your sink, and on your floor, providing ants with an easily accessible place to hydrate. Carpenter ants are notorious for breaking into bathrooms through water-damaged wood surrounding them. However, you’re likely to find many different kinds of ants in your bathroom if you aren’t careful. Here’s how ants can get in:

  • Cracks in your foundation and walls
  • Openings in ventilation systems
  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Holes around plumbing fixtures

It could also be the case that ants in your bathroom came from another room in your home, so it’s important to try to trace their trail.

Getting Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Identifying the source of your ant trail is the most crucial step in effective ant control. If you can’t take out their colony, the ants will keep coming back. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to trace ant trails all the way back to their source when they travel through walls, pipes, and more. This is why knowing ant prevention strategies can come in handy. Try these methods to keep ants out of your bathroom in the first place:

  1. Seal cracks on the outside of your home with silicone-based caulk
  2. Make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated
  3. Close any windows and doors all the way
  4. Replace any wood that has sustained water damage
  5. Move mulch further away from the side of your home

Best Ant Control in Winston-Salem and Greensboro NC

If it’s too late for these strategies to help and you’re already dealing with a persistent ant infestation, it’s time to get your local pest control company involved. The ant extermination experts at McNeely Pest Control can inspect your property to find every ant hill, quickly removing active ants and setting up a plan to keep you ant-free going forward. Reach out today for a free quote!

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