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Winston-Salem & Greensboro, NC Pest-Specific Extermination Services

purchase-bannerAt McNeely, we don’t just offer preventative pest control – we also provide corrective treatments for specific pest problems. Our  pest pros offer a range of one-time services to eliminate any pest infestation you find in your home.

Turf & ornamental pest control

McNeely Pest Control can also solve pest problems outside your home, in your yard or grounds. Whether the problem is cicada killers, nesting yellow jackets, grubs, moles, ants or other pests, we have the licensed, experienced staff to manage pest concerns on your property.

Pest control for public health

In today’s environment there are many pests that can directly affect the health and quality of life for communities, municipalities and individual homeowners. The staff at McNeely Pest Control is available to provide control of public health pests such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fire ants and rodents.

Whether you have an athletic field with fire ants or a community-wide issue with rodents or mosquitoes, we have the expertise to provide consultation and on-site evaluation as well the proper equipment to implement effective pest treatments.

Pest problem? Solved!

Ants marching across your counter? Moths eating holes in your clothes? It’s time to call Winston-Salem and Greensboro’s local pest experts at McNeely Pest Control. Contact us for a free pest control or termite inspection today! We serve Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and throughout the Piedmont, as well as Northwest portions of South Carolina and Southwest portions of Virginia.

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