Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax.
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Termite Control

Is your real estate investment protected from termite damage? McNeely Pest Control provides innovative solutions for commercial termite control. Whether you’d like to prevent future infestations or have already discovered termite activity on your commercial property, we’ll make sure your building stays termite free.

Termite extermination with Termidor HE

For quick elimination of termites, there’s no better treatment than Termidor HE (high efficiency). Our termite exterminators use this product on commercial properties with confirmed termite activity. Benefits include:

  • America’s #1 termite treatment with over 2 million homes treated since 2000
  • Kills termites by ingestion, contact, and by pest-to-pest transfer – affected insects help spread Termidor HE throughout the colony
  • Works up to 6 times faster than conventional bait systems
  • Most effective termiticide, backed by over 10 years of data
  • Responsible, low-dose treatment with no odor
  • Applied by trained, Termidor-certified pros
  • New Termidor HE streamlines the termiticide application process

Termite prevention with Sentricon’s Always Active technology

To prevent future termite infestations, McNeely Pest Control uses the innovative Sentricon System with Always Active technology. After installing Sentricon’s electronic termite monitors, we can monitor for pest activity on your property and get a headstart on termite treatment before any damage is caused. Benefits include:

  • Innovative Recruit HD termite bait offers 24/7 protection from termites
  • Regular electronic monitoring for the presence of termites
  • Fast response once termites are detected
  • Ongoing monitoring to prevent future infestations

Wood-destroying insects reports

McNeely Pest Control also provides wood-destroying insect inspections and reports for real estate transactions. To request and schedule a wood-destroying insect inspection and report for a real estate closing, contact us today!

Protect your investment with commercial termite control

The structural damage caused by termites can be devastating; unfortunately, termite activity often goes undiscovered until inspection.


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