Wood-Destroying Pest Management

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Wood-Destroying Pest Management for Greensboro, Winston-Salem NC

Most people think of termites when they think of wood-destroying pests. However, did you know there are a variety of wood dwelling insects out there that can cause severe structural damage to your NC Piedmont home or business?


NC Piedmont Wood Dwelling Insects

While not always the case, the majority of wood-dwelling pests wreak havoc on the wooden products and structures they occupy. At McNeely Pest Control, we break down the wood-destroying pests found in Winston-Salem & Greensboro NC into five categories:

  • Carpenter Ants: Cavity dwellers, these pests often nest in the spaces located between a double wall of a building, hollow trees, and even in hollow-core doors. They prefer weakened or rotting wood as opposed to sound wooden structures. Once established, they expand their nests by excavating the surrounding materials — often causing wood rot and thus structural failure to occur.
  • Termites: These pests are undoubtedly the most destructive wood-destroying insects. The amount of damage is less substantial in areas with temperate climates. However, it reaches its peak in places like North Carolina that have the hot and humid climate in which they thrive. See our termite control page for additional information on these wood dwellers.
  • Bark Beetles & Woodborers: These insects bore through the bark of trees, feeding on the region between the bark and wood. While they do not weaken wood, bark beetles and woodborers are serious nuisance pests that can inflict great monetary loss to individuals owning log cabins, wood furniture, and decorative items made of “bark-on” products.
  • Powder post Beetles: The most serious and widespread wood-destroying pest, powder post beetles behave quite differently from others on this list. As their name suggests, this beetle species transforms wood it digests into a fine powder or dust. They often create a serious problem for individuals remodeling old buildings and/or those salvaging lumber from older wooden structures. Their presence can be easily detected on exposed wood surfaces, as affected pieces will give a “shot holed” appearance from which adults emerge and fine, powder-like dust is emitted.
  • Carpenter Bees: While they show some resemblance to the common eastern bumblebee, the upper surface of a carpenter bee’s abdomen is bare, black and shiny. Prefering bare, unpainted or weathered wood, this bee species tunnels into wood to lay its eggs.

How do you get rid of wood-destroying pests?

From inspections to insecticides and pesticides, McNeely Pest Control has the corrective and preventative treatments to effectively manage your specific pest problem. Our Greensboro and Winston-Salem pest control experts are certified professionals who offer a range of one-time extermination services to eradicate even your worst insect infestation.

Interested in learning more about our pest control services? Contact us today at 336-922-0606 to request a free, no obligation inspection. You can also reserve our services online by filling out our online form.

McNeely Pest Control provides pest control services to home and business owners of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and the surrounding NC Piedmont areas, as well as Northwest portions of South Carolina and Southwest portions of Virginia.

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